Blu-Ray movie releases are often locked to a specific region of the world by the studios. I list confirmed region code free Blu-Rays and others that are unknown or indicated as region A or region B. Films marked as region code free can be played in any Blu-Ray player.

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I can confirm that this title is not region locked....

Mr Jonez comments on Empire Records
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I recently bought this, and am glad to rapport that it is also playable on region B players :D...

PrimeFiveByFive comments on Bring It On
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This is region free!...

craigtellis comments on Hooper
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I can confirm that Hooper is NOT region locked. US import plays perfectly on UK bluray player. ...

craigtellis comments on Hooper
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I bought the US blu-ray release of the movie and it plays just fine on my non-modified region B blu-...

Mr Jonez comments on The Man Who Wasn't There
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Title Region Release 
The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T A US Region Released Bluray Jun 7
Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] A US Region Released Bluray Dec 16
Rich Kids A US Region Released Bluray May 24
When Marnie Was There A US Region Released Bluray Oct 6
Brief Encounter A US Region Released Bluray Apr 26
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