Blu-Ray movie releases are often locked to a specific region of the world by the studios. I list confirmed region code free Blu-Rays and others that are unknown or indicated as region A or region B. Films marked as region code free can be played in any Blu-Ray player.

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I've listed the most popular BluRay's this week on this site for those of you looking for inspiration.

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Can confirm that blu-ray is region free...

The Rogue trooper comments on Young Justice: Invasion
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I bought the collectors edition after being told I could buy a blu ray player that could be multi-zo...

Treza Green comments on Outlander: Season 01 - Volume 01: Collector's Edition (Blu-ray + UltraViolet)
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Just bought from and the Blu-Ray IS region coded A...

MWJ258 comments on John Wick [Blu-ray]
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I can confirm this title is Region A locked...

Quantum comments on Ragnarok
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Okay :-( Thanks for commenting. Which version do you have? But I guess that doesn't matter, right.....

ddduckkk comments on Interstellar [Blu-ray]
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