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Title: Death Warrant
Confirmed Region Free
(sonefri / regionalcodefrei / region fri / región libre / regionen gratis / região livre )
Country: US Region Released Bluray United States Release (Region A/1)
Release Date: Oct 02, 2012
UPC / EAN: 0883904284017
Movie Rating:
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Studio: MGM
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-Comment by Akshay

I can confirm this title is region free

-Comment by John Fowler

Jean-Claude Van Damme faces his biggest challenge yet: a maximum-security prison! The international superstar spin-kicks his way through this action-adventure powerhouse that explodes with death-defying stunts and nonstop martial-arts wizardry. Filled with the same power, intensity and skill of its unstoppable hero, Death Warrant is your ticket to a Van Damme good time!
Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as maverick cop Lou Burke, the only lawman tough enough to go undercover in a prison recently plagued by suspicious deaths. Posing as a hardened con, Burke stands up to sadistic guards and makes martial arts mincemeat out of brutal inmates, all the while investigating those mysterious murders. Following the standard Van Damme formula at the height of the actor's B-picture popularity, the script essentially inserts him in a series of increasingly nasty situations from which he then has to kick, punch, and chop his way out. For services rendered, the Muscles from Brussels gets to kiss Cynthia Gibb, who plays a lawyer assigned the dubious task of posing as Burke's wife. With Van Damme safely tucked into his story formula, a slightly more discriminating viewer can find pleasure in a supporting performance from Robert Guillaume (as an aging inmate), while freakier types will enjoy top-drawer nemesis the Sandman (Patrick Killpatrick), a psycho killing machine who forces poor Burke to break a sweat. --Tom Keogh

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