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Title: Hellraiser 2 - Hellbound - Blu-ray und DVD Black Edition
Region B Confirmed Region Locked
Country: DE Region Released Bluray German Release (Region B/2)
Release Date: Jul 21, 2011
UPC / EAN: 4006680057187
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 0 votes
Studio: Kinowelt
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Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, limited uncut edition, Mediabook, black, incl. DVD also available white, both limited to 6000 (each, I think). Bought in Germany (XJuggler) EAN: 4006680057187 Region locked to Zone B! Runtime: 99min. Sound: German Mono DTS-HD, German 5.1 DTS-HD, English stereo DTS-HD, English 5.1 DTS-HD Subtitles: German Sound and Subtitles can be changed during film, the German subtitles are not forced. Trailer: Saw VII (HD) plays only on inserting the disc Extras: - Booklet (8 pages, only 3 double-sided pictures with english (!) text) - Interview with Clive Barker 3min.14sec (Screen 4:3), english - Interview with Clare Higgins 3min45sec (Screen 4:3), english - Backstage 1min19 (Screen 4:3), english - Featurette 4min40sec (Screen 4:3), english - TV-Spots 13 (? I think, rather redundant) 6min56 (Screen 4:3), english Trailer for Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (German) Preview to more Hellraiser Parts - Hellraiser (Screen 4:3), german - Hellraiser 3 (Screen 4:3), english - Hellraiser Inferno (Screen 4:3), german - Hellraiser Inferno (Screen 4:3), english - Interview with Doug Bradley - for Hellraiser 5: Inferno, 5min09sec (Screen 4:3), english - Trailers for 6 other films, widescreen, HD (German) DVD-ROM: 3 PDF, these are probably also on the Blu-ray but I do not have a Blu-ray-Drive for my computer. - Teil1_Produktionsnotizen: Hellraiser Script and Information, 54 pages, english - Teil2_Flyer: 2 pages a Poster for Hellbound backed with an english synopsis and a spanish synopsis (I think) of the film - Teil3_Produktionsnotizen: Information for the film Hellraiser 3: Hell on earth, from and about people who worked on the film, 53 pages, english. While I would have liked to have a script and more information for Hellbound, these PDF are a welcome surprise and imho the most interesting part of the extras. Beware: this is a mediabook, I think it is rather nice, but it is bigger than the usual Blu-ray-Case. The design both in black and the other one in white is rather nice. There is also a Hellraiser Edition from the same label, which is in a similar design. But both are limited and very expensive and may get even more expensive with time after the limited editions are sold. I have no link for this film, it is available at xjuggler.de but as I learned they do not sell to people outside of Germany. Just so you know I paid Eur 50 + shipping, that is US$ 68 or GBP 44 . That's for a new, sealed film, unless another version is released I do not expect it to get much cheaper - I used a seller I had bought from before and trust, rather than save a few Euro. You can see the covers here, but I do not know how you can buy this film. http://blu-raydigibooks.com/austria-hellraiser-1-2-black-white/

-Comment by Ingo L.

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