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Title: Scream Uncut
Region B Confirmed Region Locked
Country: DE Region Released Bluray German Release (Region B/2)
Release Date: Oct 07, 2010
UPC / EAN: 4006680052052
Movie Rating:
 0 votes
Studio: Kinowelt
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Thanks for getting back, I have the DVD & also have the US bluray release but unfortunately they are cut, I have seen the uncut version but for the life of me I can't remember where & what it was on. I'm just hoping it will be released fully uncut on bluray in the US in the future, I know it's only apron 6 seconds of cuts but it's the principal of the full intended version for me. Thanks again

-Comment by G

Sorry, I was not aware of this, I am German and live in Germany, so no problem for me. PQ/AQ: Picture was good, but not perfect, I would say 7 of 10, sometimes less. Being no expert I guess the digitization was not perfect. Audio Quality is nothing I can say about, I watch on a Samsung P2470HD with the built in sound - which is simple stereo, no reference. From the cover for English: DTS 5.1 HD MA Aspect ratio: Widescreen 2.35:1 - anamorph Extras are the same as my old US DVD: - Commentary from Wes Craven and Writer Kevin Williamson - Behind the Scream-Featurette - Outtakes - Profiles - Featurette - Special-Effects-Gallery - Film Facts - Q&A with Filmteam - BD-Live My Player is not connected to the internet, so I cannot say what BD-Live has to offer. As I have just watched it and did compare the length and some scenes with my old US DVD, I guess the question is how much you need this on Blu-ray now, I bought this under the impression that this version shows more than my old DVD. Without playing both side-by-side I think it shows the same version. My reference there was a German site,, which did a few comparisons (text and pictures) on the old Versions of the DVD, one of which was not legally sold in Germany, this being the director's cut. My US DVD seems to be that one, but on the cover it only says collector's edition. Had I compared the running time from the DVD with the said running time of the Blu-ray I might not have bought it, but then I trusted the comparison on schnittberichte. Running time of my US DVD (NTSC) is the same as the Blu-ray: 111min. Advise: I would not buy it again for that price if you own the 111min DVD-Version. Wait for a better version or this to be cheaper or in a box with the other films, which should be released sometime with the 4th film. And if it is not possible to buy this film at xjuggler from outside Germany, I am sorry, I cannot help you, as other shops I looked up did not list this film - but that may change, just search in Austria or Switzerland, with Google Translations it should be possible to navigate that sites.

-Comment by Ingo

Tried to buy from the site you said Ingo L but in order to do that I need to register & when I try that it says I need a German address & wont let me go any further. How did you get past this? Also what is the PQ/AQ Extras & Aspect Ratio of this Uncut version? Hope you read this & get to answer this. Thanks

-Comment by G

Scream (uncut) bought in Germany Kinowelt Englisch and German Language Rated: indiziert, 18 Length: 111 min., meaning this is the 2nd longest version, only the japanese Blu-ray is longer (6 sec., all gore, imho). EAN: 4006680052052 Region locked to Zone B! For those still interested in buying this film, it is not currently available or listed with this EAN at, the version with a different EAN from Kinowelt is CUT, but also Rated 18, so beware ! Amazon.De is open about this, the word "gekuerzte Fassung" means "cut version". The supposed lengths: Uncut: 111 min. Cut: 109 min. I bought it rather expensive at a german site where you can buy media which are for people which are 18 or older, after you where verified to be that old.

-Comment by Ingo L.

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