Blu-Ray Region Coding Information Overview

Each movie studio or distributor releases Blu-Rays with differing region coding. Some always release region free movies, others region locked only, and others a mixture of both. Click on a studio below for Blu-Ray region coding info, how likely they are to release a region free movie and all existing releases:

Confirmed Region Free Blu-Ray Releases vs. Total Releases By Studio as a Percentage Region Free Versus Total Releases By Studio

Blu-ray discs may be encoded with a region code, however this is not mandatory and around two-thirds of all released discs are region free.

  1. North and South America, India, Southeast Asia, Japan - Region A
  2. Europe, Middle East, Australia - Region B
  3. Russia, China - Region C

Blu-Ray movie releases are often locked to a specific region of the world by the studios. I list confirmed region-free Blu-Rays and others that are unknown or indicated as region A or region B. Films marked as region free can be played in any Blu-Ray player.

Top Unlocked BluRays
Top Unlocked Blurays